Organisers 主办单位

TTG Events

Delivering The World's Business To One Marketplace

TTG Asia Media’s Events group promotes business opportunities by staging international trade events that bring industry suppliers and buyers to one marketplace.

The group is the founder and organiser of the Incentive Travel & Conventions, Meetings (IT&CM) series of MICE and Corporate Travel events in Thailand (IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific) and China (IT&CM China). It is also the longest-running secretariat appointed to manage the ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) Travel Exchange (TRAVEX). Other core trade events include International Feng Shui Convention (IFSC).

TTG 亚洲传媒会展部

TTG 亚洲传媒会展部通过举办各种国际展会活动,为行业供应商及买家提供了高效的商务、教育和社交平台,汇聚全球商业焦点。

TTG 亚洲传媒会展部是国际会奖旅游博览会(Incentive Travel & Conventions, Meetings-IT&CM)和国际商旅大会(Corporate Travel World-CTW)系列活动的创办者和组织者,包括在泰国举办的亚洲国际会奖旅游博览会(IT&CMA)暨亚太区国际商旅大会(CTW Asia-Pacific)以及在中国举办的 上海国际会奖旅游博览会(IT&CM China) 暨国际商旅大会(CTW China)。TTG 亚洲传媒会展部同时也是东盟旅游论坛(ASEAN Tourism Forum – ATF)旅游展(TRAVEX)的长期指定运营管理者。其他主要展会还包括国际风水大会(International Feng Shui Convention-IFSC)。


XIN MICE (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

XIN MICE (Beijing) Co., Ltd. focuses on MICE business, and continues to make efforts in the fields of professional exhibition, corporate meetings, sport events, study aboard, artistic performance, channel cooperation and new media promotions. Meanwhile, XIN MICE is also actively exploring the innovation model of the exhibition industry, and help to support the industry through the establishment of independent IP operation. XIN MICE is to bring together all kinds of talents, with the group strategy as guiding ideology, the mission of “continuous learning, self-improvement, guiding innovation and promoting transformation”, the creative planning and integrated operation as the starting point, the core concept of comprehensive services, adhering to the core values of “collaboration, integration, innovation and empowerment”, XIN MICE has been tested and proved by a series of major projects since its establishment, It has been unanimously recognized by the industry and customers, and won industry honors such as the “BEST NEW PCO in 2021” and “the STAR of the MICE Award in 2022”, and “the Best MICE Brand”, etc.